Popcorn & cookies DIY coasters

I thought of making these coasters for some house-warming gifts when both my sister and sister-in-law started thinking about purchasing homes this year. I mean, the last thing you think of when going through the crazy process of buying a home is lets get some cute coasters to protect the surfaces of, like every surface if you’re like me and just walk around with drinks all day (not all alcoholic, c’mon, how highly do you think of me?!)  Anyways, they’re super easy to make and if you want some easy instructions I did some here on the other set of tile coasters that I made.  If you love coasters AND the environment like me you might want to try DIY’ing cork ones like I did here.  Wouldn’t these be super cute in a home theater room for movie night? I thought you might say so.movie night coasters DSC_0044 DSC_0038


Please share your thoughts with me!

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