Pic Paradis, hiking St. Maarten

On one of the prettiest days during our trip to St. Maarten we visited Loterie Farms which is such an amazing place.  It’s part farm, tree house restaurant, zip lines, hiking trails, pool and natural springs spa, and bar.  If you ever go to St. Maarten, I highly recommend this place!  It was established in the 1700’s as  a sugar plantation as was the majority of the island.  Now it employs the locals and provides relaxation and adventure for all ages.

We felt adventurous and hiked to the top of Pic Paradis for about $5 each (you pay as you go per activity you want) then relaxed in the treehouse for some specialty cocktails; I had an island rum mojito and a sex-in-the-treehouse- a delicious strawberry ginger drink. The hot springs and pool area looked amazing but it was a little pricey at $35 a person so we decided to head on over to one of the other 35 beaches we hadn’t been to yet, Friar’s bay beach (one of my top favorite beaches!).  Next time, I’d definitely do the pool and catch a yoga class after the hike.  You could totally spend the whole day here doing whatever you want; the vibe was so chill!

Once at the top of Pic Paradis, which took about 1.5 hours climbing through rainforest to 1,400 ft, we had a stunning view of the island.  The turquoise waters, lush hills and homes in the valley were so beautiful.  We met a hermit crab, lizards, some kind of ferret, and hundreds of butterflies along the way. I’ll never forget what a gratifying experience that was.





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