A ‘fabulous’ Birchbox

I’m still recieving my monthly Birchbox subscription and was really happy with this one-so happy that I ordered several full size versions of the amika hair mask and Beauty protector leave in treatment. My poor hair in summer just gets fried and frizzy! But I really do love these products for how soft they leave my hair. Anyways, how was your weekend? More on mine later, we had a super fun time in Dallas doing Dallas stuff in Dallas heat:) and a little relaxing by the pool of course. Have a nice Monday!DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0001Amika//Mask…YUM!  I’m in love with this brand now.  My hair loves this and I have fine and wavy hair so it needs lots of moisture to get some definition and leave out the frizz.

Amika//Hair treatment…This stuff smells sooooo good!

Beauty protector//Leave in detangler….This is awesome! I bought the full size, love! I use the small one when I traveled to NY last week and love love.

Coola//Cucumber moisturizer…this is amazing stuff, it’s organic and smells great.  I will order the full size someday but it was like 45 bucks and I just bought a ton of sunscreen at Costco.

Isaac Mizrahi//Fabulous eau de parfum

Sumita//Color contrast Eyeliner


2 thoughts on “A ‘fabulous’ Birchbox

  1. If it makes you feel better about how the Coola is priced, I got sunburnt pretty quickly with the Coola. Use it as an everyday, under your makeup sort. Not the actually spending time outdoors kind.

    The detangler is so one of my faves tho.

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