New York highlights

A couple weeks ago I was able to go to New York to visit my brother.  It was just my second trip to NY and there is so much to see! I absolutely loved the city.  The best part was seeing the city on a boat cruise around Manhatten.  Really beautiful.  We got really close to the statue of Liberty and she was amazing, though my pictures are pretty grainy.  Here’s some of my favorite photos, all taken with my iphone.  Happy Monday! xo JessicaIMG_8010 IMG_7976 IMG_7982 IMG_7992 IMG_7996 IMG_7999IMG_8018 _Snapseed IMG_8036 _Snapseed IMG_8039 _Snapseed IMG_8048 IMG_8052 _Snapseed IMG_8072IMG_8056 IMG_8077 IMG_8082 IMG_8087 _Snapseed IMG_8098 IMG_8108IMG_8122 IMG_8121IMG_8126 _Snapseed


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