One year blog anniversary

This month marks the one year anniversary of my blog (woo hoo) and I’ve actually run out of space, thus the infrequent posts here lately.  I’ll be working on getting more file space soon so I can keep posting about stuff I’m lovin’.  Thanks to you guys who read and check in with my little blog; it really does keep me going!  Here are some of my favorite posts from this last year:

DSC_0306tilecoastersasian pear martiniface vaseNOLA anythingdipIMG_6652butterdishbwDSC_0090gltrplteDSC_0006chair redoDSC_0016DSC_0004DSC_0355DSC_0028Let me know If I’ve forgotten any of your favorite posts!  I’m super excited about this next year.  My goals are to really learn to use my camera and improve my photography skills, learn editing in photoshop, find more things that really inspire me, and as far as crafts/diy goes, I want to make more art and keep improving my sewing skills. I just think it’s such an incredibly useful skill to have.  Cheers to whatever comes next! JessicaDSC_0261 _Snapseed



Reading lately

We are completely besides ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. I was interested in reading this book because it had something to do with a psychologist raising his daughter with a chimpanzee I love animals and as a psych major in college I felt this was right up my alley. Easy to read, insightful, interesting characters and a puppet are just a few other pluses. I would highly recommend this to anyone raised with siblings!

The Birth house by Ami Mckay. I found this in my kindle deals section after our vacation and I had just spent like $20 on books. So glad I found it; Amazing story, strong (female) characters and full of historical details surrounding midwives in the early 20th century. Empowering as a woman to read this.

The yonahlossee riding camp for girls by Anton Disclafani. I loved this book for its strong but flawed characters, insight into what it was like growing up a girl in the 20s, and just being human and trying to find yourself. Cannot wait for more from this author.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Love her dark stories and extremely unlike able characters that you sorta come to like and hope they find some truth and sense of happiness or stability. Always a twist you never expect.

Happier than a billionaire by Nadine Hayes Pisani. Quitting your job and Moving to an island sounds good to me. That’s what this real life author did. Lucky but brave.

Silver Linings playbook by Matthew Quick. After seeing the movie about people living with mental illness I read this book in a few days. The movie did a great job adapting the story but there are a few more details you’ll want to read up on.

Tigers in red weather by Liza klaussmann. I wasn’t sure about this book but it did have good reviews on amazon and then I found it at the library. Read it in a week. It was impossible to put down! The story of a family told by each character in seprecate chapters. You won’t know the whole story until the end and I love that.

The interestings by Meg Wolitzer.  Another book I picked up at the library after hearing some rave reviews.  I couldn’t put this book down! (I really get excited about that because I hate when I’m not “into” a book but try to read it anyways, ya know?)  The story follows a group of teens through their adult lives and how their friendships and relationships grow and change over time.  It’s about love and true friendship and I found it really Interesting.

Birth by Tina Cassidy. This is the story and history of how women give birth. Easy to read and full of facts both horrific and totally fascinating. Every woman should read this. Then tell your friends about it.

Gap Creek by Robert Morgan.  A lovely story of marriage and what it takes to survive in the early 19th century in the mountains.  I read this as if I were the one on this adventure, except I couldn’t do what these people did to live.

 Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld.  I picked this book up yesterday so I’ll let ya know what I think in my next reading post. So far it’s got me wanting to sit and read it all day today.

Are you reading lately? See what else I’ve read here !  Cheers, Jessica.

Cucumber pear cocktail

cucumber pear cocktail IMG_6322 IMG_6325 IMG_6327 I love experimenting with cocktails and I really wanted something fresh tasting and cool to get me through the rest of this summery heat.  The combination of cucumber and pear in this is sweet but not terribly so.

Ingredients: 1 part Pear liqueur, 2 parts vodka, club soda, 1 pear, 1 mini cucumber, lime, cucumber and pear slices for garnish.

The first step is to blend the peeled cucumber, pear, and vodka in a blender. Pour pear liqueur and the blended mix into a shaker on ice, shake well. Top with club soda and garnish. Serve in a martini glass or on ice.  I added extra club soda to my highball version but both drinks were equally tasty. Enjoy! xoxo JessicaIMG_6320