Warning: Bragging rights

I don’t know if I’ve talked about my husband’s sweet gig with ya’ll so I’m going to now. Warning insert here: squishy mushy braggy stuff coming up.   I’m super proud and excited for him for releasing his second App since he started his own game development company, Big Cave Games,  a couple years ago.  He works so hard on his games and I know this because he works at home and I see it every day.  It’s not easy developing an entire game and being the creative, business, and development aspects all in one from start to finish.  I just admire his drive and commitment and creativity so much it makes me feel so inspired and so lucky to be married to him.

His first App,” ORC Vengeance“, was released July of 2012, a couple weeks after we got married.  It was his baby and turned out to be a well-recieved game on Apple’s  iPhone store.  It’s an action RPG with stunning graphics and awesome gameplay.  They were even picked to be Editor’s choice, which is a great accomplishment!  You can still get it on the iPhone store for $2.99!
My hubby’s second App (they, a shout out to Andrew-the one other member of Big Cave, worked with a co-developer Scopely) onSkee ball Arcade” and it came out yesterday on the App store and is available on iPhone and android devices for FREE!  (Shameless promotion here:) What I luh-ove about it is that you play against your family and friends in tournaments so it’s much more interactive than just playing a round by yourself.  They also have different Skee ball machines (like a candy one, a basketball one, ect. ect.) that vary in gameplay so each one is totally different in style and how you aim your shots.

Check it out here guys, we will totally appreciate it! (Oh, and as of this writing, it’s at Number 1 top Free apps!!! Sweetness) I can totally see my family playing it all Thanksgiving day and trying to beat my brothers, cousins and our dads!

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By the way, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m leaving for a bit to visit family next week and my little sis, I can’t believe it, is getting married, so, when I get back I plan to try much harder to get my blog on again!

Cheers, Jessica


Clouds Part 2: Evening

Hi all!  I have been longing to get back to blogging but I still haven’t decided how to add more space on here, so as of now, I still can’t add any more photos, but I do have lots of projects to share when I do!  I guess I’m just enjoying the fall weather here lately, reading, cooking, and enjoying our dogs.  My sister’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks so I’m also preparing for that.   Here are some pics I meant to share a long time ago but I do enjoy keeping them around longer to get the feeling like I’m back in Florida on the beach.  These are my favorite pics of the clouds in the evenings; so so gorgeous.   Here are some more from our Florida trip if you’d like to see.  Hope we all have a lovely rest of the week! We’re going to check out the new Thor movie this weekend so I’m excited for that. what are ya’ll up to these days? DSC_0508 DSC_0503 DSC_0501 DSC_0492 DSC_0488 DSC_0483 DSC_0479 DSC_0447 DSC_0433 DSC_0430DSC_0733 DSC_0396 DSC_0391 sunset