DIY Maternity leggings


At about  25 weeks pregnant I was no longer fitting comfortably into my pants or leggings anymore due to about a 15 pound weight gain (which about half happened around the holidays thanks to an unleashing of pastry and frozen yogurt cravings). I’d much rather buy baby things than maternity wear so I used several pairs of old leggings to re-make into maternity size.  Other than these leggings I stay comfy in sweats and tees. I’ve found two maternity shirts while thrifting but I really have plenty of clothes right now that are loose and big enough to keep wearing.
IMG_0015Supplies: Leggings, stretchy jersey type tank top or material, sewing machine, scissors.

I cut the elastic waist off the leggings and simply sewed the tank top on as the new waistband.  I’m not going to try to explain exactly how I did this because I don’t really know and it certainly is not a professional job, but it works for me and after 2 wears the leggings have held up fine.  The tank top material is stretchy enough to hold up the pants even while out doing errands. I cut the straps off the tank and left enough material so that I could fold it over like yoga pants or hike it up over the bump.  IMG_9981 What do you think about diy maternity? It sure beats buying new in my book and it’s a great way to save your baby $ budget for the important things.  xoxojessdiy maternity leggings


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