My Maternity photo session

Jess-Maternity-For-Web-1 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-3 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-4 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-5 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-7 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-8 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-10 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-11 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-12 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-13 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-14 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-15 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-16 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-17 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-18 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-19 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-20 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-21 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-22 Jess-Maternity-For-Web-23 We took our maternity pictures with our good friend who also did our engagement and wedding pictures. I was 34 weeks and feeling very pregnant!  It turned out to be a really cold day so I wore a sweater between shots!  I think they turned out really pretty and natural looking and how about that silhouette shot!.  Thank you to our friend for capturing this special time for us, I know I’ll love being able to look back on this for years to come!Jess-Maternity-For-Web-24


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