Bump update: 27-33 weeks


27 weeks: doing chores and still feeling pretty good.  Heartburn and my “displaced” rib are my major complaints at this point.  Caving in to my frozen yogurt cravings more often than I should.  Cleaning up after all our (5) animals is driving me crazy!
IMG_0133IMG_0083IMG_0054IMG_013028 weeks: still wearing my “old” clothes which means tunics and leggings.  Watching a bit too much tv (Season 1 Bates Motel, Call the midwife) and trying to get comfy at night using at least 2 pillows and sleeping on one side.
IMG_0160IMG_0239For our last Valentines day as a childless couple me and the sweetie went to the Dallas Art museum and then to one of our favorite restaurants in the Bishop arts district for goat cheese taters and other deliciousness.  My “displaced” ribs really started hurting walking around so much, but we made it through the day and enjoyed ourselves.  For some reason I couldn’t sleep at all that night and I had to cancel our plans so I could sleep all day sunday.
IMG_0225Thrifted this blue and red paisley dress for possible baby shower outfit…IMG_0250Wearing comfy denim shirt at 31 weeks…IMG_0307IMG_0292
32 weeks: had my baby shower at my aunt’s in Wisconsin with all my favorite ladies; it was a really special day.  (My lips turned blue after munching on these amazing cake balls my sister made and drinking blue punch). I ended up wearing a really loose horse print tunic with leggings, which did not show my baby bump well, but I was comfy and it was like 6 degrees so I just cared about staying warm.IMG_0367
IMG_040732-33 Weeks: at Ryan’s dad’s wedding ceremony in KY.  I thrifted a $6 Old Navy maxi dress to wear.


Caught a cold and not sleeping well which is pretty typical when I travel (I’ve had about 5 hours total over 2 days in this photo–Isn’t my husband so handsome all dressed up!).  After all the excitement of seeing both our families in 2 weekends and being exposed to chilling weather, I spent the next week sick with a cold, my first time being actually sick this whole pregnancy (except the nassau during the first trimester). Despite all that yuck, Baby is growing perfectly and my bloodwork is great said my midwife later at our appointment.  We might be expecting a 7-8 pound (healthy) baby in two months!  We are lining up our families for visits and I’m reading some books about baby sleep and breastfeeding.  We are truly excited for him to be here but in the meantime enjoying as much sleep as we can get.  xo Jess


I’m back after 8 days in Wisconsin visiting my family and celebrating and planning for my sister’s upcoming wedding.  I’m so grateful for the people in my life and the willingness of our family to always come together to support and love each other.  Sometimes it’s hard and things aren’t perfect but it’s worth the effort to be there for the people you care about.  I just wish I could have them all in one place.
pose4floral floral4flower crown

DIY embellished sunglasses

I love quirky details on sunglasses so I decided to make my own pair of embellished sunnies.   It’s really easy to do and you’ll have your own totally unique pair in no time.

Supplies: sunglasses, earrings, hot glue and gun or craft glue, wire cutters.  I thrifted these cute gold bows for $2. 
DSC_0076Step 1: Carefully cut off the earring backs with the wire cutters. Use safety glasses and clean up any tiny pieces of metal that come off. Slivers suck.
Step 2: Hot glue the earrings to the sunglasses.  I glued them to the top corners where they look cutest.DSC_0080

DSC_0090I made another pair with cute owl earrings, aren’t they a hoot?DSC_0088

Step 3: Let them dry for a few minutes then their ready to wear!DSC_0095

I think this would be totally cute with all sorts of beads and gems!DSC_0109

My Style: Vintage polka dots

I hope you had a nice weekend readers! My brother is here with us so we decided to go to the Perot science museum for an afternoon in dallas. We all enjoyed the exhibits on dinosaurs (still fascinated by t-rex), the human body (they had real slices of human bodies!), weather and the solar system. Oh and I loved the gem and minerals exhibits. I’ll probably share some of the pics I took there soon. Afterwards we had pizza at Enos in bishop arts. Last night we had four cops in front of our house again talking to our neighbors. Not sure what that was about but this is usually a quiet safe place as it has been for the last five years. I just hope it’s nothing serious. As for today have you guys played any apps lately? I’m getting addicted to candy crush and wordly. Happy Monday day. Xo Jessica

DSC_0308 DSC_0303 DSC_0304 DSC_0306Dress//gifted

Scarf//Estate sale find

Lipstick//MAC, Lady Danger

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My style: Dots + stripes

Happy weekend! I’m off to the farmer’s market then Lowe’s for supplies to make a headboard for our bedroom.  we find ourselves reading late into the evenings these days and needing some cushion.  xo JessicaDSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0041Shirt//Target


Belt//Forever 21

Metallic sandals//Forever 21

Initial necklace//Boutique, Mckinney, TX

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My style: Denim + neon

Hey ya’ll!  Today I’m working on items for my Etsy shop and planning stuff for my sister’s Bachelorette party!  I’m also waiting on some good news hopefully with a potential J.O.B! I’ve been unemployed for a whole year now and I think it’s time to get back though I do love being a stay at home wife for the time being.   Got to stay busy to keep from going as my friend says cray-cray.  Hope you’re enjoying your week, xox JessicaDSC_0467 DSC_0501 DSC_0474

Denim shirt//Target

Shorts//Old Navy, last summer

Metallic sandals//Forever 21

Earrings//giftedDSC_0462 DSC_0469For more of my style posts go here, here, here or here!

a flower crown

I’m so glad to be back getting into our routine again around here but I have to admit starting blogging again is harder than I thought. I really love making blog posts but sitting at the computer when I’ve been outside so much the last few weeks feels weird!   I’ve been obsessing over flower crowns lately and really wanted to make my own.  I simply cut fabric flowers from their stems leaving a few inches and wrapped them around a wire that I made to fit my head.  I used some floral tape to help keep the stems in place. Easy peesy.  Sorry about the blurry shots, I’m still getting used to using my timer and I don’t yet have a tripod.  (and ugh, I’m throwing that shirt into the goodwill pile, it looks too moo-moo-ey!) Happy Monday; I hope you had a fab 4th.  floral4 floralwreath floral pose4floral

Getting settled & a thrifted shirt

Oh my gosh, we’re back! We had the best vacation ever! I really mean Ever!  The beach in St. Pete is completely gorgeous; I couldn’t get enough. I could never get enough, unless of course we moved there;) (hint hint hubby).  I have lots of pictures to sort through and I can’t wait to post them.  We stopped in New Orleans for 2 nights on our drive and I loved it. What a wild place.  We spent 6 amazing days with family, the Rutherford side, and had the best time together.  We stayed in a charming condo directly on the beach and had balcony and bedroom views of the beach.  We lived and breathed beach every day and I realized that that’s where we love to be the most.  There is nothing more peaceful, inspiring and grounding than walking along barefoot on the sand and being near the endless water.

Well I have lots of cleaning, laundry and organizing to do today.  Hope you all had a great week and didn’t miss me too much, haha!  Here’s a few pics of my thrifted shirt (and my hair is getting so long I can’t believe it!)  See you soon, Jess2pose pose2 pose2vestSleeveless shirt: thrifted

Thrifted, vintage scarf

So I haven’t done a thrifting post recently and I wanted to try wearing the items I thrift for a new kind of post on here.  My style is very eclectic, a little boho, a lot mismatchy.  This is my very first attempt and some of the photos are blurry but I thought I got a pose down in them so I included them, haha! I thrifted this Bill Blass scarf and I tied it in my hair for when I’m out and about doing errands and things.  The shirt is from Papaya and the skirt is my tennis/workout skirt!  The necklace is from a boutique in Mckinney, TX.  On my face: Lipstick//glossy kiss, aveeno BB cream, Nars blush in Orgasm.  I wouldn’t wear this out for an occasion or anything, just around like to the (what?) thrift store.

Whew, that was fun but a little scary!  Do you like doing personal style or outfit posts?  Thanks for stopping by!firstoutfittry blurshot myscarf firstoutfit pose1 headshot