One year blog anniversary

This month marks the one year anniversary of my blog (woo hoo) and I’ve actually run out of space, thus the infrequent posts here lately.  I’ll be working on getting more file space soon so I can keep posting about stuff I’m lovin’.  Thanks to you guys who read and check in with my little blog; it really does keep me going!  Here are some of my favorite posts from this last year:

DSC_0306tilecoastersasian pear martiniface vaseNOLA anythingdipIMG_6652butterdishbwDSC_0090gltrplteDSC_0006chair redoDSC_0016DSC_0004DSC_0355DSC_0028Let me know If I’ve forgotten any of your favorite posts!  I’m super excited about this next year.  My goals are to really learn to use my camera and improve my photography skills, learn editing in photoshop, find more things that really inspire me, and as far as crafts/diy goes, I want to make more art and keep improving my sewing skills. I just think it’s such an incredibly useful skill to have.  Cheers to whatever comes next! JessicaDSC_0261 _Snapseed


Top 10 posts from my 1st 100

I’ve blogged 100 posts people!  Can’t really believe I’ve stuck with it for this long.  I mean, I’m just kinda always onto new things all the time. Sometimes I swear I have a bit of ADD; just look at my house right now, I have 3 walls/doors that are halfway painted, 5 chairs I’m refinishing in the garage, and an entire room devoted to my crafts that is an absolute MESS I say!  Plus I’m constantly rearranging and moving art/furniture, ect.  But this blog…it’s a getaway for me.  I like it.  I like that you are reading this too, and sometimes sharing your thoughts with me and pressing the “like” button; and wordpress sends it to my email that someone took the time to do that.   So thanks for your time.

apple carrot juice


These posts are the top 10 most viewed posts out of the 100 I’ve done so far (technically this is the 101st post!)  In no particular order, thanks for looking again.rustic wreath


I love that the top 10 are a mix of crafts, recipes, drinks and just pictures.  For a while I thought maybe only the recipes are getting attention but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

asian pear martini


So I think I will continue sharing my projects and recipes…cherry shortbreads


And perhaps just more of my life…

Magazine plant stand


Like today is rainy so I’m just going to take it easy, maybe start a new book…


I just finished reading Water for Elephants and to be honest I couldn’t put it down (I guess I’m not the book snob I thought I was)…


Any recommendations for a good read?

Fried PB &and J

Fried PB &and J


Hope you have a great Tuesday…


ginger dressing9

To enjoy whatever is going on in your life!

Blog Award Day



Very Inspiring Blog Award Day

Hey everyone out there!  I am super excited today as I was checking my email I found out that a lovely follower of my blog and also fellow blogger nominated me for this award–how cool huh, I’m soooo flattered!  So in very humbly accepting this award I agree to the following:

1//Display the award logo somewhere on the blog 

2//Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you frombeauty2fashion (thanks girl;)

3//State 7 things about yourself

Ok here goes: 1. I got married on 6.30.12 to the man of my dreams

2. I studied psychology in college and worked with homeless mentally ill people the last 4 years

3. I am the oldest of 4; 2 brothers & 1 sister who are the best and amaze me all the time. I also gained a sister when I married Ryan and she is included in the amazing group of people I love.

4. I have always loved animals and probably should have been a vet like my aunt and uncle

5. One of the best words to describe my style is eclectic

6. My dream job is to own a boutique/gift shop/cocktail bar all in one

7. What I love about blogging is that its another way to keep myself accountable for the things I post and write about and there is a lovely blogging community to share and interact with!

4//Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs  I enjoy her product reviews and what I wore posts a lot;)  This talented lady and friend took our amazing wedding and engagement photos and has lots of her gorgeous work on her site. I love the enthusiasm for food on this blog and the range of unique recipes.  Super amazing story of “oneanna65”, I am inspired, sometimes tearful and always laughing out loud.  Beautiful, calm, inspiring words of meditation.  DIY projects that I might just now tackle because of her and her much appreciated sense of humor:)  This blogger makes me want to learn grannying and other knitting stuff:) I like this message. Positive, real, inspiring, plus she lives in Dallas like moi:)  For tons of practical advice on just about everything!  I love this blogger’s fearlessness! It makes for a fun blog.

5//Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements

Thank you to all who read this, like my posts and follow me!  It’s so much fun getting to know you and what you have to say as well;)  Happy Friday!