a flower crown

I’m so glad to be back getting into our routine again around here but I have to admit starting blogging again is harder than I thought. I really love making blog posts but sitting at the computer when I’ve been outside so much the last few weeks feels weird!   I’ve been obsessing over flower crowns lately and really wanted to make my own.  I simply cut fabric flowers from their stems leaving a few inches and wrapped them around a wire that I made to fit my head.  I used some floral tape to help keep the stems in place. Easy peesy.  Sorry about the blurry shots, I’m still getting used to using my timer and I don’t yet have a tripod.  (and ugh, I’m throwing that shirt into the goodwill pile, it looks too moo-moo-ey!) Happy Monday; I hope you had a fab 4th.  floral4 floralwreath floral pose4floral


Make a snow globe

DSC_0001 DSC_0004 DSC_0010 DSC_0016 DSC_0022 DSC_0038When I was a kid I really wanted to collect snow globes. I was mesmerized by the ones sold at the Disney store with all the princesses and the Lion king characters.  My first snow globe was a pair of doves that my dad gave me and it’s the only one I still remember and loved.  This project brought me back a little to that kid in me (as do so many memorable moments in life, right?).

I used mostly things I had around the house: Mason/salsa jars, a couple Christmassy figurines I had, hot glue gun, Mod podge, paint brush. Things I bought were glitter and 2 small Xmas trees from the craft store.

1. First I hot glued my figurines onto the lids of the jars.  2. I added more gobs of glue around the base of the figurines on the lid and on the trees to look like snow- then sprinkled glitter on top for  a fresh snow-fall look.  3. I painted the inside bottom of the jars with mod podge then sprinkled glitter inside and let dry.  4.  Screwed the lids on the jars carefully. You could paint your lids a holiday color like gold or white or red too:)  Hint*  I chose not to add water to my snow globes because I have animals who like to knock things over and felt it could lead to a disaster.  If you want to add water to yours make sure to soak or bleach any fake trees prior because it can turn your water green, yuk!  5. Aren’t they just precious little snow globes? I’m super happy how they turned out:)

Painted cork coasters

Hope  your  Monday is going well so far; I slept so well this weekend and I feel ready to start some more projects, get our house cleaned and keep blogging!  The weather is unseasonably warm so I also must get outside and do something (which really means raking the yard and cleaning dog poo) Ah well, happy monday ya’ll.

I made these fun coasters since we are both home full time now and carry our drinks all over the house.  I found these cork coasters at Home Depot and I’ve also seen them at Michaels crafts for about $4 for 4.  I used a bit of painters tape to make these geometric designs and paint whatever wasn’t covered with tape.   There are endless possibilities with this project! Have fun!

Make a t-shirt scarf

DIY T-shirt Scarf

Since it’s fall and since I love to rock a scarf with just about everything I thought it was time to do this much-pinterested DIY.  After consulting my pin from this lovely blog scarf tutorial, I grabbed a shirt from my thrift pile and started cutting and voiala! Here’s the before and after pics–sorry about the no-makeup.  This was pretty much just a practice run–next time I’ll make a much prettier scarf and maybe even add some beads!

Materials: old tee + scissors