Chalkboard wall

I love black walls and dark walls in general, they just  make a space so cozy.  I also love chalkboards and I wanted to be able to write lists and messages and document our pregnancy/baby on a wall as a backdrop and we weren’t really using this room as a dining room at all. I have since been using our dining area as a craft room since our guest room is now the baby room and my craft room is now the guest room.DSC_0088DSC_0091DSC_0105Painting the walls in our house is a huge pain since they are so textured and with black I really had to do multiple layers to fill in all the spots…sigh.DSC_0112DSC_0109Jayla puppy is always around for support..DSC_0092DSC_0140Still a dining area..IMG_5412 IMG_5404a chalk doodle…and now my craft area. I think once the baby is older we’ll make it into a play room. I’d love to have a teepee and reading nook in here.  It’ll be fun to draw with the baby when he’s older too.  xoxo jessDSC_0187 DSC_0189


Painted kitchen cabinets (DIY)

Before: ugly colored oak + ugly chandelier + too small islandDSC_0001After: Antique white cabinets + Modern brass chandelier +Stainless island.  It does look a little more cluttered in the after shot but I feel so much more organized and everything just flows better when we’re in there.  I have storage under the island for things I use daily and that is just awesome. The white cabinets just feel so much more clean and open as well.  IMG_0086IMG_0085IMG_0087 IMG_0088 IMG_0089Before/During: This process started last September when my brother came to visit us and he was an amazing help. We got the entire lower island cabinets done.DSC_0004DSC_0001 Michael was awesome at the sanding but didn’t love the painting, hee hee. He would disappear for like half an hour at a time once we started painting..But, it was a lot of work, so I don’t blame him.DSC_0002 DSC_0007 DSC_0008DSC_0009 DSC_0015 painted cabinetsDSC_0020I organized the shelves to fit a set of china dishes we inherited from Ryan’s grandmother+ my cookbooks. Love it. Organizing makes me happier. So that was it. It’s a long process, we had to sand all the doors and paint 3 coats on each, but besides the tedium, it’s not hard.  I’d say it took us a good 8 days total (over 3 months) but I would do it again. It only cost us the gallon of paint and a cheap sander. We already had brushes from other projects so for about $60 we have a brand new looking kitchen that we love.  Thanks for looking, xoxojessIMG_9902

My nursery ideas

I did a ton of looking on interest and Project nursery once I found out we were pregnant for nursery ideas.  I would describe my taste as funky, bright, colorful, vintage, modern and eclectic.  The extra room we are using for him is pretty small, about 12×12 but it’s got a bright window and it’s a blank slate, down to the builder’s beige-white walls I haven’t touched in the 5 years we’ve lived here.

I love a bright white room with the white crib and the added color in accessories and toys.. 

Love this color combo..

like this mint and orange, black/grey and white room..

I adore this cloud wall..what if I painted them in gold or black  on a neutral wall?

as well as this polka dot wall..I could paint them in minty aqua or clementine orange..

I also luv the light aqua stripes here..maybe in gray on one wall..

So far we have the crib, Jenny lind in white as in the above pic, change table, and white painted hutch, and crib sheets/bumper/skirt in white/grey chevron and polka dots, super cute, and a closet storage cube.  My dad saved the wooden rocking chair from my childhood and plans to bring it down.  The room will probably have a vintage/modern feel and I love that mix.  I’m trying to use/reuse what’s already in our home and DIY what I can.  I have about 16 more weeks and I’d love to have the room done well in advance of baby R’s arrival so I’ll try to keep this updated as an ongoing (fun!) project for now.

Thrifting: Summer edition

Loved this chair so it came home with me. Not sure if it’s an Eames because the back is slightly taller than the vintage chairs but it’s sturdy and comfy and i love it. 
IMG_8191I love this table so I painted it white and now it’s beside my bed. (below)
IMG_6270Thought these fungus S+P shakers were cute for my budding collection.
DSC_0008Would have been a nice DIY project for a bedroom armoire or kitchen storage.
IMG_5290Cute kids chair for my craft room. it has wheels, that’s all.

IMG_5292 reminded me of grandpa’s chair I named Herman,  but it was pea-green, and not in a good way.IMG_5293 I thought this was funky and could be fun painted. but I won’t go there again for a while. (see here)IMG_5294 Cool Brass lamp. nuff said. IMG_5295I kinda wanted this wicker to be my coffee table. but I didn’t decide fast enough and it went home with someone else.
IMG_6166 Punch bowl in red, fun!IMG_6170 cuz I’m a cute lil bear cookie jar…IMG_6172 i am attracted to pottery mugs but I think they wanted like $2, no thanks.IMG_6173 Cute nautical colored heels in wrong size..IMG_6174 I’d love to tackle recovering a wingback, someday.IMG_6175 For the home theatre goer..IMG_6176 Oh and my mini brass llamas! I got two of these puppies for 50 cents and they sit atop my mantel.IMG_6116 got this funky backpack and love using it on our outings/picnics to carry sunscreen and water. really a lifesaver.IMG_6114 saw one of these rocking chairs painted kelly green on pinterest and was tempted!IMG_6260went home with this dirty lil chair, cleaned and painted him up!
IMG_6261 painted and recovered bench anyone?IMG_6262 quirky lil dresser IMG_6263 IMG_6286 IMG_6287That’s about it for now. I’m still looking for a more mid-century modern looking coffee table and would love a funky console table to replace the turquoise dresser I have in the entry now.  Any luck thrifting in your world lately? xo Jessica

DIY Painted chairs


After priming

A while back I posted on making over the seat covers of these thrifted chairs (that I love) using a fab oilcloth so all that kitty hair won’t stick (and to my glee it works!) what I didn’t share was the painting story. I really wanted bright chairs and was leaning towards red. Our dining room is 3 walls in lilac and one full-walled chalkboard. I found some inspiration pics on pinterest using oranges and purple together and thought it was so interesting and unique feeling that I settled on a tangerine color for my chairs. I first primed them using a spray paint because there are soooo maaaany nooks and crannies on these chairs that I didn’t want to hand paint them (like I’d rather pick up a box of spilled toothpicks or re-paint our entire house!)

tangerine paint

After 2 coats

painted chairs

After 3,ooo 6 coats AKA 3 cans of spray paint each!tangerine chairs DSC_0076 DSC_0003Before DSC_0004refurbished chairsAfter (I ended up re-painting one grey to see if I liked it better)

So this was a very time-consuming project and it became costly what with all the spray paint I had to buy.  It also took forever because I bought up all the tangerine at Michael’s and waited like 2 months for them to restock it.  What do you guys think about this color? I think it would totally work on other chairs at someone else’s table.  I’m learning that I’m attracted to colorful stuff and rooms and things but I really feel best when the large pieces are more neutral.  So as soon as it’s not deathly-hot in our garage I plan to take out the 3 tangerine chairs for a hand-painting (It would take just as long to spray them) re-do in grey.  Wish. me. luck. xo Jessica

DIY Sea shell decor

So I just spent a week at the beach in Florida and several mornings I went out early to collect shells.  I even used my tote that I painted to keep them in and it worked perfectly!

I love the varied shapes and sizes of the shells and found that I even like the imperfect ones; isn’t that just life.  I spray painted the shells gold and silver and used a jar from our wedding to hold them in the bathroom.

I love it! It reminds me of our time there and how much I want to go back!painted sea shells DSC_0004 DSC_0003 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0011

Guest room

My super sweet cousin is here this week with us for her spring break.  I can’t believe how grown up she is!  We are having the best time.  We took a 2 day trip to San Antonio and stopped in Austin on the way back.  I’ll share some pics of our trip later–we had a blast at the Riverwalk and seeing the Congress Ave. bats!  Today we are going shopping in Dallas so I gotta get ready!

I made up the guest room a little before she came, so here’s what it looks like for now.  Hope you are having a great week!bguestguestpicbedtableguest

bgestThe side table is a vintage typewriter table I painted; the sheets are vintage thrifted; and the coffee bean bags on the wall I found at the flea market..It’s kind of a mish-mash of stuff! Oh and I made the bunting myself.  Laters!