Cleaning house

Literally, I’ve been cleaning and organizing my house for the last couple days to get ready for a special guest for a whole week (her spring break)! And then, right after that, my parents are coming in for Easter.  My parents have not really seen the house much, just for a quick tour once then it was off to the hotel!

I put up new lacy curtains to get in more spring light (it was honestly way to dreary lately and getting to me), fixed up the guest room (which was getting very dusty), and started to fix up the outside of the house as well (the dogs drought killed off what we had left of real grass and there were lots of holes to be filled in by the fence where the dogs like to dig and destroy play)

I’m feeling lots more energized by my sudden spring cleaning mode and ready for some adventures next week!

dinng dining gallerywall calypso jaylabw wndow antler window homeare you having any inspired spring cleaning activities yet?


Corners in our home

bar DSC_0002 DSC_0044 DSC_0051A little glimpse into our home that is my ongoing project of furniture and art re-arrangment and not to mention cat arrangements everywhere i look!  Have a great day; I’m off to Dallas to visit a good friend and do some retail therapy!

Our Christmas

We made spinach and eggs  and a fruit smoothie for breakfast…

We got snow and stayed inside!

We made fresh orange juice mimosas…

My stepmom sent me a gorgeous leopard purse!

We cuddled by the fire (with no heat otherwise, brrr!) and I worked on a blanket…

We made pizza with what we had in the fridge…

I took a few snow snapshots….then we cozied up and watched some movies…What a lovely, lazy Christmas.  Thanks for looking! I love looking back after the holidays on how we spent our time because now we have to wait another year to look forward to it again:)

DIY Magazine plant stand

I made this plant stand today when I brought my succulent inside before the weather freezes him outside and I couldn’t find anything to set him on so that he gets enough light.  I had seen these magazines folded up like this at anthropologie a few years ago and thought what a cool way to up-cycle and make something useful, hence the up-cycling part:)  All you need is 2-3 magazines and some hot glue.  I used Elle which is a thicker magazine so I only needed 2 for this project.Simply fold over 4-5 pages and tuck them into the center of the magazine, give it a light fold but don’t crease it.  Keep doing this until you’ve tucked in all the pages and it looks like the picture below.  Once you’ve done 2 magazines like that just hot glue the binded edges together and stand it up.  Place your plant on top and set it in the window.  Fun, easy, practically free project!  Are there any other ways you can think to use this as?  Happy crafting!

Ten photos: Day 2

things on my desk

Cloudy day

Hello Monday!

The weather is changing here and it’s going down from the 70s/80s to the 60s this week-yay for sweater weather!  Today is super cloudy and rainy so my pictures (taken with my iPhone) are dark and grainy, but I kinda like how it matches up with outside;)  Since one of my goals is to start sewing I had to clean up my craft room to make room so I took a couple pictures of that mess.  Other than that it’s been a chill day at home with the animals and the hubby.  It’s a great night for popcorn and reading-hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

I curled my hair by myself for the first time pretty much ever

Craft room: Before

Craft room: After

Saying goodbye

My new sewing machine


DIY Couch Patch

I’ve been wanting to do this project since we came home and there was not just a tiny rip in our couch but large chunks of foam insides splayed out over the living room floors..sigh..My thought at first was we’ll just have to get a more dog resistant couch and this will be put on the curb as soon as we can get another one..but we are not in a position to buy a new couch so I had to get creative.  Here’s how I fixed it: 1. I found these super cute fabric placemats.  I cut out rectangles several inches larger than the holes on the couch.   2. I ironed a hem into the squares to prevent any messy looking threads sticking out.  3.  Filled in the holes with some stuffing (I used an old pillowcase folded up)  4.  Hand-stitched the patches over the holes using embroidery thread and a craft needle. (for extra hold on the needle I used a rubber glove and it made the job much easier)  5.  Admired our new patched up couch.  It’s actually pretty cute and has a homey feel to the new look.  Just don’t mind the dog hair-it’s a never-ending chore to vacuum up (maybe I should learn photoshop-ok it’s on my to-do!)