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These were taken a couple weeks ago when we went to see my stepmom in dallas for dinner. The NYLO hotel was really sleek and modern. Other than that life is relaxed and easy lately. My brother is in town for a visit which is keeping me entertained and busy cooking for two men! On another note I can’t believe it’s September already. My little sister is getting married in three months and I’m getting excited! Xo Jessica
IMG_8210 IMG_8209 IMG_8221 IMG_8190 IMG_8169 IMG_8165 IMG_8163 IMG_8160 IMG_8161


Weekend Instagram: Bishop Arts district

Me and Instagram get along.  I find a lot of inspiring photos out there from regular folks who find beautiful moments and things everyday.  Here’s a few of my favorites from this weekend where we spent an afternoon at the zoo and a fun evening in the Bishop arts district in south Dallas.  It’s probably my favorite area of Dallas because it’s super funky with tons of great bars and eclectic restaurants, boutiques and people.  This was the first time I took the hubs there since I discovered it a few years ago while working in the area.  I’m pretty sure he loved it and all the different beers on tap at each place we stopped.  If you’re in Dallas check it out for sure; it’s on Bishop and Davis streets in Oak Cliff right off 35E south.  Lemme know what you think!dallas zooMcCaws at the Dallas zooIMG_8300Coveted couch at Tilman’sIMG_8240Bar at Tillmans with a funky wood cut out wallIMG_8299Tillman’s roadhouse grill, awesome place for drinks and eclectic dishes like goat cheese and truffle tater totsIMG_8242His (‘Velvet hammer’) and Her (‘Ginny’) drinks at OddfellowsIMG_8246Funky cafe, OddfellowsIMG_8245Cozy bar at Whitehill ExchangeIMG_8298Street musicians on BishopIMG_8292Jeans sculpture art
IMG_8289Window display for a vintage storeIMG_8297Art at Ginger Fox galleryIMG_8293‘Laughing Willow’ boutique window display
IMG_8266Enos pizza tavern IMG_8290Bishop arts districtIMG_8294‘Dirt’ looking through the window

Cute succulents at ‘Dirt’IMG_8295More succulents at the store ‘Dirt’ in Bishop arts district
IMG_8291Me + Bishop arts wall muralIMG_8288Calypso + coffee after our exciting weekend

For more Instagrams look here, here, here, or here. Here too. Follow along with me for more pics on Instagram at Jesshm28. Have a super day!

New York in Instagrams

Last week I was lucky enough to take a trip with my dad and brother D.J. to visit our brother Michael who is stationed at a marine base in New York.  We took a dinner cruise around Manhatten and saw the Brooklyn bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower. It was so breathtakingly beautiful.  We ate authentic Italian cuisine in Queens and had a yummy breakfast at a cute diner called Georgia’s.  We saw some interesting sights in TImes square; did you know it’s legal for women to be topless there? Well, that’s what they said…I love New York and can’t wait to go back someday. I’d love to see Central Park and a broadway show next time.  Have you been?IMG_8149 IMG_8143 IMG_8142 IMG_8141 IMG_8140 IMG_8151 IMG_8139 IMG_8147 IMG_8132 IMG_8150 IMG_8131 IMG_8138


Instagram lateley

IMG_7905 IMG_7906 IMG_7913 IMG_7944IMG_7888 IMG_7621 IMG_7885 IMG_7532 IMG_7553 IMG_7476 IMG_7495 IMG_7471 IMG_7440 IMG_7439 IMG_7410 IMG_7424 IMG_7406 IMG_7407 IMG_7351Farmer’s market figs//FM produce picks// Painted nails in Essie Turquoise and caicos// Birchbox buys// Eko puppy //breakfast at Great Dane in the airport  //4th of July at World burrito //My sister and fiancé at their new house //My old house in Wisconsin //Jayla //cute stuff from Target $ bins//  My CB2 brass chandelier that I love // On a boat ride at sunset//the Harbor lighthouse//Our backyard at sunset//EKO//Picnic-ing// Picnic at the harbor// At our club //

Instagram: Healthy(er) choices

The weekend is coming and I know for me, my clean eating diet may slip up some; all those Costco samples, eating out, chips (lots) and salsa at our fave Mexican place, movie theater popcorn, cocktails, ect.  The hubs and I have been really focusing on eating clean this year (for many reasons) and i like to document many of the choices we make on Instagram (follow me at #Jesshm28).  Click on the pictures to get to a post I’ve already done with the recipe (if no link is there then it means I’m working on the post still!). Also, there’s a couple great links for more information on some of these awesome foods! Happy healthy weekend!

1//Sprouted whole grain toast with avocado. Fabulous breakfast with healthy proteins and fats. Have raspberries on the side for extra antioxidant benefits.

2//Fish cakes with sautéed mushrooms (recipe com in ya’ll). Super delicious and healthy!

2//Tabbouleh salad (recipe coming soon!). One of my all time favorites.  Soaked/sprouted grains are more loaded with nutritional value then regular “whole grains”.

3//Spinach, tomato, feta omelet  (on my recipe to-do list). Protein-packed, vitamin loaded awesome way to start the day and not get hungry before 12 pm!

4//Mixed baby green salad with peppers, onion, and lemon infused olive oil dressing (recipe on its way). Light summer dinner that’s fast and easy, can’t beat that!

5//Sake Bloody Mary with veggie garnishes. I love bloody’s and veggie garnishes. Load this one up for a cocktail snack!

6//Anything Dip made with almonds, evoo and more. Great on toast, crackers and as a veggie dip.

7//Green smoothie made with whole foods. Great way to get your greens in the a.m. Green foods are super nutrient dense and loaded with awesome health benefits. Try getting them at every meal!

8//Health remedy “fire cider”.  Fermented foods are great sources of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. I made this remedy in winter months to stave off colds/flu and it worked!

9//Cheese fondu served with fruit, whole grain bread, and veggies.  This is a treat (aka high fat)  so use healthy dippers like raw veggies and fruits.

10//Jalepeno-watermelon martini (alcohol can have benefits, hello-decreased stress- if used moderately, 1-2 glasses per day for a healthy person)IMG_7404 IMG_7386IMG_7369IMG_7300IMG_7298IMG_6292IMG_5310IMG_4616IMG_4606IMG_4205IMG_6756

Instagram lately

I thought I’d share some of my Instagrams here.  I feel like I post so many but it’s so addicting! 1//Framed canadian money as art 2//dining on the patio on a particularly nice evening 3//My parents visited(also the night my little sis got engaged-I was crying in the photo, can you tell?!) 4//Date night, newly colored hair 5//Gold Barcart, I still love it! 6-7//Tiny llamas found at the thrift store 8//Cat naps 9//Making coffee paper filter flowers for my sis’s wedding 10//Made s’mores at home(I remembered how much I freaking love smores) 11//Berry sundae snack 12//My rose bush is blooming better than it has in the last 4 years! yay for rain!  Do you Instagram? I’d love to find more inspiring Instagrammer’s to follow!IMG_5464 IMG_5960 IMG_5963 IMG_5966 IMG_6069 IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6120 IMG_6158 IMG_6186 IMG_6289 IMG_6295