Decadent strawberry choco dessert cocktail

IMG_8200 _SnapseedDo you need a little more ‘kick’ to your dessert after this week?  Well, sometimes I have  weeks days like that too.  This dessert cocktail is definitely deliciousness in a glass.  The how to: Mix 1 part strawberry shortcake or other dessert flavored vodka, 1 part coffee liqueur, and fill it up with almond milk into a shaker of ice.  Shake well and pour the whole mix including ice into a glass. For a martini, rim a glass with chocolate syrup and pour sans ice.  Garnish with a strawberry and a few choco chips. Enjoy and TGIF my friends, Jessica.  
IMG_8197 _SnapseedIMG_8199For more cocktails go here, here, here, here, or here!


Irish Cheer martini

If you’re still wearing green here’s a different irish martini for ya.  I actually prefer my Irish whiskey just plain with a squeeze of lemon or with a pickle  juice chaser like the one I made last week!  Try this if you want something a little different..

Irish Cheer: 4 parts Irish whiskey// 1 part italian sweet vermouth// optional* dash of bitters, cherry garnish

Shake on ice and pour into a martini glassirishchrirish irsh

After-Dinner-Dessert martini

holiday martiniThis martini tastes just like cheesecake with a hint of mint, coffee flavor and vanilla.  Don’t worry though, it’s not too minty, just right really.  I’m not a huge fan of sweet martinis but this one, done right, is dessert-like but not too heavy.

Here’s what you need:

1 part Vanilla or whipped cream flavored vodka// 1 part Coffee liqueur// 1/2 part mint shcnapps //1/2 part cream/creamer // *optional: garnish with crushed candy cane rim or a whole candy cane dipped (I like the whole candy cane in the martini so it wasn’t overwhelmingly minty. plus, it’s kinda fun to lick the martini off the candy cane)

1. Shake all ingredients on ice and pour into your glass

2. Enjoy with friends/lovers/family as a D-lish treat!

I would say this is a Christmas martini but I could drink this one all year round;) Cheers! Jess

Asian Pear Martini/My new Favorite

asian pear martini
It’s no secret that I love martinis and making up my own versions.  I actually almost never order a martini out because I think I make them WAY better!  One of the places I will order a martini is at the Grand lux cafe, which is owned by The Cheesecake Factory.  My dad, who is not a big drinker, tried this asian pear martini first. I had a sip and it was really fresh tasting and not too sweet.  This is my version of their asian pear and I’m super happy how it turned out–I mean it’s just as good as theirs I swear (and not $11 each)!  It’s definitely a drink you will want to have more than one of and since I used sake it’s not overly alcoholic;) promise.

Ingredients: 1 part Sake, 2 parts Pinnacle whipped cream vodka (you could try vanilla vodka too), 1 part pear juice, *optional pear for garnish.

Directions:  Shake all ingredients on ice and pour into a martini glass (or try over ice too). Garnish and enjoy! This would be a great drink for girls night out but the boys will probably want one too;)DSC_0070

Salty ginger & grapefruit martini

grapefruit martini ginger grapefruit martini ginger grapefruit martiniI mixed this recipe the other week as a slight take on the Salty-dog which is vodka and  grapefruit juice in a salted glass.  Since I have a slight martini obsession, as you guys may have noticed, I made just that and will definitely make this one again!  I love how the ginger flavor mixes really well with the grapefruit and salt; it’s just enough.

Here’s the recipe: //2 parts vodka//1/2 part ginger liqueur//1 part triple sec//2 1/4 parts grapefruit juice

Rim your martini glass with salt; I used margarita salt.  Shake the mixture over ice and strain into your martini glass. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit.  I hope you like it!