Popcorn & cookies DIY coasters

I thought of making these coasters for some house-warming gifts when both my sister and sister-in-law started thinking about purchasing homes this year. I mean, the last thing you think of when going through the crazy process of buying a home is lets get some cute coasters to protect the surfaces of, like every surface if you’re like me and just walk around with drinks all day (not all alcoholic, c’mon, how highly do you think of me?!)  Anyways, they’re super easy to make and if you want some easy instructions I did some here on the other set of tile coasters that I made.  If you love coasters AND the environment like me you might want to try DIY’ing cork ones like I did here.  Wouldn’t these be super cute in a home theater room for movie night? I thought you might say so.movie night coasters DSC_0044 DSC_0038


(Grown-up) Movie night 6 recommendations

Here’s some of my favorite movies from recent so if you’re stuck on what to rent, Netflix, or our new fave, Redbox, here’s some of my recommendations (I did study a bit of film in high school and college, yay!)

1// The Words starring Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana is a beautifully moving story about a writer, his wife, an old man and his story.  I really enjoyed this drama, which rather surprised me, just based on the previews I saw. I’m glad I took a chance and rented it. It seemed like a very original story and had a good flow.  4/5 stars in my opinion!

2// Looper starring Joseph Gorden Levitt and Bruce Willis is an action/drama with impressive acting, I think, on JGL’s part, as well as some good CG.  Bruce is great as always.  A nice surprise was Emily Blunt’s character, I hadn’t realized she was in this film.  There were a few questions as to what played out in terms of the time travel stuff but it linked up well and I felt like a decent ending; not like I was left hanging.  4/5 stars for me!

3// Beasts of the Southern Wild starring a super cute Quvenhane Wallis who was only 5 when she landed this part.  She is very inspiring as a little girl who has to deal with a very sick father in the middle of the woods, what they call the “bathtub”.   Dwight Henry, who plays her father, who was a hurricane Katrina survivor and owned a bakery in New Orleans near to where the film company was located and where the directors would go eat.  I love that he had never acted before and could bring such experience and heart to a role that most of us could never even picture ourselves in.  I give this movie a 5/5 for capturing the human heart and soul so vividly (sorry for the mushy stuff here!).

4// The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version) starring Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace does the book justice, which is usually not the case.  The american version is well done but not quite as full as this version.  If  you’ve read any of the books, which are long-winded but really good, and liked them,  you’ll enjoy the movie.  There are actually 3 movies, one for each book, and I just finished reading the second book, “The Girl who played with fire” so I’m excited to see the 2nd movie.  I rate this film 4.6/5 stars because the actors really captured the book characters perfectly as to how I imagined them, and the movie doesn’t leave anything out of the story.

5// Ruby Sparks starring Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan is a quirky love story with a great cast of characters and actors.  This is also about a writer but has an interesting twist to the story, literally.  I don’t want to give the plot away but I think you should watch this film! A 4/5!

6// The Help starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer (who won an Oscar for this role) is almost better than the book!  I loved this film and after reading the book I want to own this movie, which is saying a lot because I rarely buy movies anymore (except for the JRR Tolkein series:)  I love time pieces and this is felt like a true gem of one.  5/5 stars!

Have a great weekend!!

Truffle popcorn and TGIF

TGIF!  We love a good movie night at home and what more we LOVE popcorn.   All you need is a Whirley Pop stove air popper, oil and kernels.  In ten minutes you’ll have a gourmet snack!  Now for the movie…..Try something scary this weekend–(I’m not a fan of horror but I’ll watch the classics or anything by Steven King).

This weekend we are going to our BFF’s  Halloween party so I’ll post some pics of our awesome Cave outfits later!  Have a lovely, but spooky, weekend, *hugs*