Bump update: 27-33 weeks


27 weeks: doing chores and still feeling pretty good.  Heartburn and my “displaced” rib are my major complaints at this point.  Caving in to my frozen yogurt cravings more often than I should.  Cleaning up after all our (5) animals is driving me crazy!
IMG_0133IMG_0083IMG_0054IMG_013028 weeks: still wearing my “old” clothes which means tunics and leggings.  Watching a bit too much tv (Season 1 Bates Motel, Call the midwife) and trying to get comfy at night using at least 2 pillows and sleeping on one side.
IMG_0160IMG_0239For our last Valentines day as a childless couple me and the sweetie went to the Dallas Art museum and then to one of our favorite restaurants in the Bishop arts district for goat cheese taters and other deliciousness.  My “displaced” ribs really started hurting walking around so much, but we made it through the day and enjoyed ourselves.  For some reason I couldn’t sleep at all that night and I had to cancel our plans so I could sleep all day sunday.
IMG_0225Thrifted this blue and red paisley dress for possible baby shower outfit…IMG_0250Wearing comfy denim shirt at 31 weeks…IMG_0307IMG_0292
32 weeks: had my baby shower at my aunt’s in Wisconsin with all my favorite ladies; it was a really special day.  (My lips turned blue after munching on these amazing cake balls my sister made and drinking blue punch). I ended up wearing a really loose horse print tunic with leggings, which did not show my baby bump well, but I was comfy and it was like 6 degrees so I just cared about staying warm.IMG_0367
IMG_040732-33 Weeks: at Ryan’s dad’s wedding ceremony in KY.  I thrifted a $6 Old Navy maxi dress to wear.


Caught a cold and not sleeping well which is pretty typical when I travel (I’ve had about 5 hours total over 2 days in this photo–Isn’t my husband so handsome all dressed up!).  After all the excitement of seeing both our families in 2 weekends and being exposed to chilling weather, I spent the next week sick with a cold, my first time being actually sick this whole pregnancy (except the nassau during the first trimester). Despite all that yuck, Baby is growing perfectly and my bloodwork is great said my midwife later at our appointment.  We might be expecting a 7-8 pound (healthy) baby in two months!  We are lining up our families for visits and I’m reading some books about baby sleep and breastfeeding.  We are truly excited for him to be here but in the meantime enjoying as much sleep as we can get.  xo Jess


DIY Maternity leggings


At about  25 weeks pregnant I was no longer fitting comfortably into my pants or leggings anymore due to about a 15 pound weight gain (which about half happened around the holidays thanks to an unleashing of pastry and frozen yogurt cravings). I’d much rather buy baby things than maternity wear so I used several pairs of old leggings to re-make into maternity size.  Other than these leggings I stay comfy in sweats and tees. I’ve found two maternity shirts while thrifting but I really have plenty of clothes right now that are loose and big enough to keep wearing.
IMG_0015Supplies: Leggings, stretchy jersey type tank top or material, sewing machine, scissors.

I cut the elastic waist off the leggings and simply sewed the tank top on as the new waistband.  I’m not going to try to explain exactly how I did this because I don’t really know and it certainly is not a professional job, but it works for me and after 2 wears the leggings have held up fine.  The tank top material is stretchy enough to hold up the pants even while out doing errands. I cut the straps off the tank and left enough material so that I could fold it over like yoga pants or hike it up over the bump.  IMG_9981 What do you think about diy maternity? It sure beats buying new in my book and it’s a great way to save your baby $ budget for the important things.  xoxojessdiy maternity leggings