Recipe scrapbook DIY (#2)

DSC_0095DSC_0096DSC_0101 Happy New Years!  It’s been a while since I’ve been on, I’ve been keeping myself busy researching baby stuff, visiting family (I went back home 3 times this year, a record since we moved in 2008), and all around just nesting at home.   This is a little project that I made for my sister and her now husband-some of my Fave recipes in a cute little LOVE calendar.  There are ideas on expressing love for each day of the year in this lil book and I simply pasted recipes I love and wanted to share on the pages I didn’t so much love-like wear matching tee-shirts on your next date, gross.  Of course if you like that sort of thing, by all means, just not for me and my hubs haha.  DSC_0097 DSC_0099 DSC_0100Supplies: Daily calendar, recipe cards, washi tape and glue.  1//Cut the recipe cards to fit into the calendar. Write out your favorite recipes onto the cards. 2//Glue recipes into the calendar 3//use washi tape to add a decorative touch 4//Make sure to add a personal note if it’s a gift–I wrote a special if not cheesy “recipe for Love” onto their wedding date:)  Oh, I should share some pictures of their wedding, my sis and all her (DIY) decor (omg swoon) it was so gorgeous; We went to a small port town in Wisconsin  and it was absolutely freezing but gorgeous there.  It made me miss winter if you can believe.  Here’s another diy recipe book I made a year ago for  myself that I love and actually use, because I keep all my best recipes there.  Cheers! Jess


Make your own recipe scrapbook

I’m a recipe collector. I tear out and save recipes I want to try, stuff them in a binder that I never really go back to look through. So today I thought I’d settle that and take my favorites from the binder and other fave cookbooks and make my own book so that I have them all in one place.  A little organization is called for. And a craft to satisfy my little habit.

I used only things I already had: recipe book that was in my “to thrift” pile, scrapbook paper, glue/mod podge, scissors, recipe cards (I printed free ones from here and here), and colored pens.  What I did first was to hand write 17 of my fave recipes onto the printed recipe cards.  You could print them out too to save time.  I used scrapbook paper and glued the recipes onto pages that I wanted to cover up.  You could use magazine pages or whatever you fancy.  As for fixing the recipes to the pages, I’m not sure if mod podge was the best choice as it wrinkled up my pages; I’ll try a glue stick next time. (I had one  and it seemed to work well, but it ran out so I went to the mod podge)
I made the table of contents by writing out my recipe names and what page I glued them too. This would look really cute if you used a fun font and printed them out too:)  I glued in my drinks first then appetizer/main dishes, and lastly desserts.  You could add little labels or tabs to the book as well to distinguish each course.  I had a lot of fun making this recipe scrapbook, I hope you feel inspired to get crafty too!  I’d love to see your scrapbook projects as well!  Thanks for looking!