Thrifting: Summer edition

Loved this chair so it came home with me. Not sure if it’s an Eames because the back is slightly taller than the vintage chairs but it’s sturdy and comfy and i love it. 
IMG_8191I love this table so I painted it white and now it’s beside my bed. (below)
IMG_6270Thought these fungus S+P shakers were cute for my budding collection.
DSC_0008Would have been a nice DIY project for a bedroom armoire or kitchen storage.
IMG_5290Cute kids chair for my craft room. it has wheels, that’s all.

IMG_5292 reminded me of grandpa’s chair I named Herman,  but it was pea-green, and not in a good way.IMG_5293 I thought this was funky and could be fun painted. but I won’t go there again for a while. (see here)IMG_5294 Cool Brass lamp. nuff said. IMG_5295I kinda wanted this wicker to be my coffee table. but I didn’t decide fast enough and it went home with someone else.
IMG_6166 Punch bowl in red, fun!IMG_6170 cuz I’m a cute lil bear cookie jar…IMG_6172 i am attracted to pottery mugs but I think they wanted like $2, no thanks.IMG_6173 Cute nautical colored heels in wrong size..IMG_6174 I’d love to tackle recovering a wingback, someday.IMG_6175 For the home theatre goer..IMG_6176 Oh and my mini brass llamas! I got two of these puppies for 50 cents and they sit atop my mantel.IMG_6116 got this funky backpack and love using it on our outings/picnics to carry sunscreen and water. really a lifesaver.IMG_6114 saw one of these rocking chairs painted kelly green on pinterest and was tempted!IMG_6260went home with this dirty lil chair, cleaned and painted him up!
IMG_6261 painted and recovered bench anyone?IMG_6262 quirky lil dresser IMG_6263 IMG_6286 IMG_6287That’s about it for now. I’m still looking for a more mid-century modern looking coffee table and would love a funky console table to replace the turquoise dresser I have in the entry now.  Any luck thrifting in your world lately? xo Jessica


Eating In or Out

I love eating out!  I just do.  I love to cook and grocery shop for home cooked meals that luckily, my husband usually says are edible, if not really good.  And for about a year now we’ve tried to save money for our wedding and a big chunk was by not going out to eat because when we do we order pretty much whatever we want.  Although, I’d have to pride myself on being a somewhat cheap date–I’ve never order a steak except for twice in my life–(an the second was last night!)–and I don’t mind ordering the house Red or house tequila.

My big plan was going to make our current eating out a lot better for at least a short while.  I was watching the Today Show/having morning coffee/reading my mag and there was a segment on  deals you could buy specially on–so they featured’s  deal where you buy $40 and get a $300 gift card; I was super excited to get the deal and as a fan of groupon/living social deals I thought this would be great so I literally ran to my purse for my credit card then to my mac where I purchased not one, but 2, of the $300 gift cards–I figured I would give one as a gift to my parents who also enjoy Going Out (after they footed the wedding bill I thought it was the nicest gift I could get them being that I’m currently unemployed).  Had I at least looked at for deals though I would have found only 2 places we like to eat at in our neighborhood featured AND you can only redeem a portion of your $300 AND you have to spend more than the gift card that you choose(spend 35 on a 25$ gift card)..So, my plan sorta bombed.

In order to spend the $300 (bye bye booze filled expensive dinner that I so imagined) we got to spend a min. $35 on a $25 gift certificate and we can only use it once per month.  so in order to spend the $300 we have to go to our favorite little farm-to-table place once a month for the next year which really isn’t a bad thing.  On the 8th monthly dinner out we will finally be utilizing the “free” gift card money. So much for going out on a budget.  Furthumore-I will not give this as a gift to my parents because I’m sure they would love the really fine print

If you followed that at all, which re-reading it I didn’t very well, my advice would be to budget your eating out and always check out the fine print 🙂

(Sorry, I’m sure it’s a good idea when you know what you want ahead of purchasing $600 worth of credit!)

Bread Pudding at Ava-wow!