DIY Painted chairs


After priming

A while back I posted on making over the seat covers of these thrifted chairs (that I love) using a fab oilcloth so all that kitty hair won’t stick (and to my glee it works!) what I didn’t share was the painting story. I really wanted bright chairs and was leaning towards red. Our dining room is 3 walls in lilac and one full-walled chalkboard. I found some inspiration pics on pinterest using oranges and purple together and thought it was so interesting and unique feeling that I settled on a tangerine color for my chairs. I first primed them using a spray paint because there are soooo maaaany nooks and crannies on these chairs that I didn’t want to hand paint them (like I’d rather pick up a box of spilled toothpicks or re-paint our entire house!)

tangerine paint

After 2 coats

painted chairs

After 3,ooo 6 coats AKA 3 cans of spray paint each!tangerine chairs DSC_0076 DSC_0003Before DSC_0004refurbished chairsAfter (I ended up re-painting one grey to see if I liked it better)

So this was a very time-consuming project and it became costly what with all the spray paint I had to buy.  It also took forever because I bought up all the tangerine at Michael’s and waited like 2 months for them to restock it.  What do you guys think about this color? I think it would totally work on other chairs at someone else’s table.  I’m learning that I’m attracted to colorful stuff and rooms and things but I really feel best when the large pieces are more neutral.  So as soon as it’s not deathly-hot in our garage I plan to take out the 3 tangerine chairs for a hand-painting (It would take just as long to spray them) re-do in grey.  Wish. me. luck. xo Jessica