San Antonio part 1: Alamo + Missions

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLast weekend I had the ultimate pleasure to take my cousin on a weekend road trip with my husband to San Antonio.  She was so excited because she’d been learning about the Alamo and Riverwalk since she started taking Spanish classes four years ago.

The weather was beautiful and we stayed in a very nice hotel next to the Alamo.  They didn’t allow pictures inside the Alamo but I can tell you it was much more than I expected with it’s high curved arches and ceilings as well as multiple rooms where the missionaries lived before it was ground for the Texas Revolution in 1836.  We even found a name of a man named Joseph Rutherford (from KY where my husband is from) who died during the fight at Alamo.

I’m SO glad we were able to have this experience to learn about and see this very important site in Texas history.  It was grounding to see the other missions as well. Did you know there are four missions and their churches are active Catholic parishes? We only visited Mission Espada’s church which has a gorgeous Texan flair (see mexican blankets on the church pew kneelers) and beautiful architecture.  Mission Espada also has an aqueduct that we visited .

All in all, it was a meaningful and fun little weekend trip.  I’m excited to share more pictures of  our time on the Riverwalk!


Our Thanksgiving in pictures

I just want to say thank you to my dear friend Amanda who invited us to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  We had a super tasty meal and a nice walk through her grandpa’s fields which were not only really beautiful but there were lots of interesting old farm equipment with many stories behind them.  

LIke an old cotton stripper from the 50’s that Amanda’s niece called the monster, a tiny house built for the kids to play in, a green chair behind a shed lost in the weeds, Amanda’s old car from 6 years ago, and a garden with the last of the hot peppers still growing.  A very Happy Thanksgiving indeed!