Decadent strawberry choco dessert cocktail

IMG_8200 _SnapseedDo you need a little more ‘kick’ to your dessert after this week?  Well, sometimes I have  weeks days like that too.  This dessert cocktail is definitely deliciousness in a glass.  The how to: Mix 1 part strawberry shortcake or other dessert flavored vodka, 1 part coffee liqueur, and fill it up with almond milk into a shaker of ice.  Shake well and pour the whole mix including ice into a glass. For a martini, rim a glass with chocolate syrup and pour sans ice.  Garnish with a strawberry and a few choco chips. Enjoy and TGIF my friends, Jessica.  
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Irish coffee for cold winter nights

irishcoffeeIt’s cold outside guys!  I really shouldn’t complain because I live in the south, but I don’t think  my own body temperature regulates very well because I stay cold once I’m cold!  Ah well, at least our heat is working now, yay!  Ok, here’s a great drink to warm you up this winter, Irish coffee.  Mix 1.5 parts Jameson Irish whiskey into a mug or glass of coffee and add cream to your liking.  Sit by the fireplace.  There now, isn’t that better?  Hope your week is off to a good start!

Pimms No 1 recipe

Today’s little drink recipe is one I tried at a bar that only serves off a menu of classic drinks and where I tried Pimms No 1 for the first time.  I love the herbal flavor of Pimms and mixed in with the fresh cucumber and fruit it’s delicious!

It was getting a little dark when I took these pictures, and only being 5:25 pm I hadn’t yet thought of drinking. Alas, it is friday and I wanted to have a tgif drink. Here’s how I made it: First I chopped up some fruit, an orange actually and one maraschino cherry but you can use apples, pineapples or bananas even.  I added that to a glass of ice, poured about halfway with Pimms (2 shots) and topped it with club soda and sweet lime juice. You can also use ginger ale or sprite.  It may be good with ginger beer which I have left over from the moscow mules from last week…hmmm…Enjoy!

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday so we’ll start celebrating tonight; hopefully getting some good sushi at our fave new place in town.  Have a lovely evening and weekend guys! Oh and let me know what you think of this drink!