Ten photos: Day 2

things on my desk

Cloudy day

Hello Monday!

The weather is changing here and it’s going down from the 70s/80s to the 60s this week-yay for sweater weather!  Today is super cloudy and rainy so my pictures (taken with my iPhone) are dark and grainy, but I kinda like how it matches up with outside;)  Since one of my goals is to start sewing I had to clean up my craft room to make room so I took a couple pictures of that mess.  Other than that it’s been a chill day at home with the animals and the hubby.  It’s a great night for popcorn and reading-hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

I curled my hair by myself for the first time pretty much ever

Craft room: Before

Craft room: After

Saying goodbye

My new sewing machine



At the Fair

Fried Jambalya

Hey Everyone!  I’m still recovering from a day at the State Fair! There’s really no other option but to eat Fried EVERY-thing! As our third year at the Fair, we’ve made a tradition of finding the Fletcher’s corn dogs–the one thing I’ll wait all year for! A sweet nurse I used to work with completely recommended them and she’s had 80-plus years of TSF and she was right! Also, This year I tried the fried cookie dough (I couldn’t help but think about the spoonfuls I would eat out of the bowl as a kid) and I could only eat a quarter of it–they fry up two ginormous balls of dough and it’s all but impossible to eat; luckily I had my hubby and bff there to help with the carnage. The hubby tried the fried jambalaya which was very tasty! The bff tried a fried PB & J which was delicious as well! We didn’t even make it to the games or rides because they have a very nice wine tasting area where we took it all in–quite literally! We were glad that at least we had gone kayaking the day before so we knew our arteries could handle the beating we gave them! Hopefully this week I’ll make lots of good food choices to make up! See you then!  Fried Cookie Dough mmmmm
Fried Cookie Dough mmmmm

Fried PB &and J

Sausage on a stick–so good!