My Style: Vintage polka dots

I hope you had a nice weekend readers! My brother is here with us so we decided to go to the Perot science museum for an afternoon in dallas. We all enjoyed the exhibits on dinosaurs (still fascinated by t-rex), the human body (they had real slices of human bodies!), weather and the solar system. Oh and I loved the gem and minerals exhibits. I’ll probably share some of the pics I took there soon. Afterwards we had pizza at Enos in bishop arts. Last night we had four cops in front of our house again talking to our neighbors. Not sure what that was about but this is usually a quiet safe place as it has been for the last five years. I just hope it’s nothing serious. As for today have you guys played any apps lately? I’m getting addicted to candy crush and wordly. Happy Monday day. Xo Jessica

DSC_0308 DSC_0303 DSC_0304 DSC_0306Dress//gifted

Scarf//Estate sale find

Lipstick//MAC, Lady Danger

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Thrifting: Summer edition

Loved this chair so it came home with me. Not sure if it’s an Eames because the back is slightly taller than the vintage chairs but it’s sturdy and comfy and i love it. 
IMG_8191I love this table so I painted it white and now it’s beside my bed. (below)
IMG_6270Thought these fungus S+P shakers were cute for my budding collection.
DSC_0008Would have been a nice DIY project for a bedroom armoire or kitchen storage.
IMG_5290Cute kids chair for my craft room. it has wheels, that’s all.

IMG_5292 reminded me of grandpa’s chair I named Herman,  but it was pea-green, and not in a good way.IMG_5293 I thought this was funky and could be fun painted. but I won’t go there again for a while. (see here)IMG_5294 Cool Brass lamp. nuff said. IMG_5295I kinda wanted this wicker to be my coffee table. but I didn’t decide fast enough and it went home with someone else.
IMG_6166 Punch bowl in red, fun!IMG_6170 cuz I’m a cute lil bear cookie jar…IMG_6172 i am attracted to pottery mugs but I think they wanted like $2, no thanks.IMG_6173 Cute nautical colored heels in wrong size..IMG_6174 I’d love to tackle recovering a wingback, someday.IMG_6175 For the home theatre goer..IMG_6176 Oh and my mini brass llamas! I got two of these puppies for 50 cents and they sit atop my mantel.IMG_6116 got this funky backpack and love using it on our outings/picnics to carry sunscreen and water. really a lifesaver.IMG_6114 saw one of these rocking chairs painted kelly green on pinterest and was tempted!IMG_6260went home with this dirty lil chair, cleaned and painted him up!
IMG_6261 painted and recovered bench anyone?IMG_6262 quirky lil dresser IMG_6263 IMG_6286 IMG_6287That’s about it for now. I’m still looking for a more mid-century modern looking coffee table and would love a funky console table to replace the turquoise dresser I have in the entry now.  Any luck thrifting in your world lately? xo Jessica

Gold dipped barware

DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0020 DSC_0043 DSC_0044 DSC_0048 DSC_0114 DSC_0119I’m obsessing over gold stuff lately which is weird because my whole life I’ve been drawn to silver.  There’s just something elegant about gold.  Once I found my cute little bar cart I wanted to style it right away. So off to the thrift store I went and found lots of goodies like the glass stir sticks (in the first picture), martini glasses, ice bucket, pitcher and candleholders ($16 total). The rest I had at home (the silverware and stemless wine glasses) and gold spray paint from Michaels.  I taped off with painter’s tape and newspaper the bits I didn’t want gold and laid everything out in the garage.  I used about 3 coats of spray paint to get everything adequately covered.  Now I have a super pretty mismatched barware set for my home bar!

Thanks for looking!  Do you have a bar cart or home bar?  I just love it.  See you soon!

Canton flea market

Welcome to the largest flea in Texas!  It took me 4.5 hours to walk through most of it but I still skipped at least 2 buildings full.  I am still an amateur flea marketer but I am enjoying the thrill of the chase for treasures I can use.  Looking back on my trip there’s a few things I wish I had snagged up but it was pretty overwhelming to make a decision–so many options–only 2 arms to carry.   Here’s some of my fave pics of the day.  I plan to paint my finds and I’ll give you an update on how I used them soon!  *Laters, Jess.

Also, I need to remember when I go back to get some cool skull/antlers for a project;)  Oh, and those burlap bags for $1.  And some fried tomatoes.  and maybe that vintage cart if I can talk her down.  maybe some sparkly brooches from that cute older couple.  Moving on!

Estate sales

Hello Monday. Time for a weekend recap-yay!  Saturday I took the hubby to his first estate sale, and my second and found this amazing panda bear sweatshirt (it’s just so cute), matching scarf, 3 super vintage cookbooks/gardening book (one features only “meatless” recipes!) and 2 gorgeous ornate gold-framed mirrors–all for $38!  The best time to hit these estate sales is the last day because they’ll sell you everything at a deal, we got all the items at half off then another 15%.  I think even my man was impressed with my shopping skills!  I just had to add the mod napkins I found at another estate sale for $4–aren’t they the coolest!  I definitely think this is a new hobby; happy thrifting!